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1ml Glass Syringe w/ Luer Lock & Graded Capacity (100 qty.)


1 Turnkey Solution


Our 1ml Luer Lock Glass Syringes feature easy-to-read markings and hold up to 1ml of oil. Add a seal cap and/or needle tip. The 16 gauge needle tip works great for thinner oils. More viscous oils are best applied without the use of a needle tip. The silicone-tipped push rod ensures every last drop of oil is dispensed.

Warning: Silicone may be incompatible with products derived through butane-based extraction processes as well as products containing high concentrations of terpenes such as d-limonene. Using silicone containers to store these types of products may result in product reactions.

Additional Information

Borosilicate glass, silicone, plastic push rod
Cap Style:
Luer lock
Use With:
0.5 grams - 1 gram