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CCELL White Flat Ceramic Compression Mouthpiece for CCELL Glass Cartridges (100 qty.)


Please call to order: (888) 920-5874


CCELL White flat Ceramic Compression Mouthpiece to be paired with a *CCELL glass compression cartridge base like the TH2-Y (sold separately). Ceramic mouthpiece offers a cooler and cleaner draw. The compression closure can make the device child resistant and tamper resistant as required by regulations in some markets (please consult your own legal counsel).

CCELL is a leading technology brand with a focus on creating standard-setting vaping hardware products and advancing vaporizing technology. CCELL products are manufactured in ISO/GMP certified production facilities under the strictest hygienic and safety standards.

Additional Information

Compression closure Mouthpiece
Use With:
CCELL TH2-Y and CCELL 510 thread batteries